Primary Science Tuition

This course aims to inculcate the spirit of scientific inquiry. We equip students with knowledge and understanding of scientific facts, concepts and principles, with a focus on process skills and answering techniques for free-response questions. Students undergo intensive practice in pictorial, tabular and graphical analysis, and experiment-based and application questions.

To enhance their interest in the subject, students are engaged through experiments, hands-on activities and games conducted in class. Science comes alive as students are also exposed to the latest happenings in the world of science and technology and the application of science in their daily lives. Coupled with our holiday workshops and 24/7 consultation service, True Learning provides numerous platforms to support student learning during class time and beyond.

We cover each topic in detail, using the following teaching tools.

NOTES – to equip students with knowledge and skills

HANDS-ON COMPONENT – to reinforce understanding of concepts and principles

MIND MAPS – to consolidate learning

MCQ & FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS – for practice and assessment

TOPICAL TESTS – for assessment of learning

MOCK EXAMS – for exam readiness


"I am the father of Rhian Qishu Leonard K (P5). My wife and I would like to send our warmest thanks to Mr. Gomez for teaching her Science and cultivating the interest in Science. She has shown great improvement in Science this year. She has also topped her class this year. We are very grateful to Mr. Gomez for his hard work."

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The schedules are constantly updated to remove classes that are full and to add in new classes, if any.

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