Science Holiday Camps For Children

Exp!ore The Wonders Of Science

Our curriculum focuses on learning science concepts through hands-on, fun and engaging experiments. Each day, your inquisitive child will enjoy exploring different science concepts by "Doing Science", instead of "Viewing Science", as he or she participates in engaging, hands-on activities and experiments. In partnership with High Touch High Tech, we are proud to offer your child the best children science education brand in USA.

Science Camp for Age 5 to 7

Day 1: Air With Flair
Get ready as we take a closer look at the air around us! Become an air pressure EGGspert in our EGGsperiment where we discover how an egg fits into the bottle. In the individual experiments, get hands on with tubes and water and learn how a siphon works. Have fun with suction cups as you learn about the strength of air. Learn about wind and many more air matters!

Day 2: CheMystery Day
Today, we'll take the MYSTERY out of CHEMISTRY! We will take a stab at water in Ziploc bags without spilling a single drop and learn about the cohesion power of H2O. We will have a hands-on experiment to see how detergent breaks the surface tension of water. Our young Chemists will also utilize salt and potato and learn about Osmosis. We will then roll up our sleeves and make lots of FUN, gooey, bouncy, stretchy and slimy stuff. So, come and be a little Chemist on CheMystery Day!

Day 3: Creepy Crawlies Day
Don't BUG out! On Creepy Crawlies Day, we'll examine all kinds of creepy, crawly bugs, learn about insects and arachnids and how to tell the difference between the two. We'll discover how a bug sees the world and how they communicate 'chemically'. We'll have lots of FUN making an edible bug and much more!

Science Camp for Age 8 to 12

Day 1: Crazzy Dry Ice
I'ts a crazy day of dry ice! We will use dry ice to do a lot of FUN experiments, like making smoky bubbles and burst them with our hands. It's because dry ice inflates 800 times when it converts into gas state of carbon dioxide. We will discover why the dry ice extinguishes the fire and make smoke floating downward, learn how the dry ice changes the colour of liquids with chemical reactions. We will also use dry ice to create the super cool ice cream!

Day 2: Edison's Workshop
This is an extremely FUN workshop! We will design and create our own electrical circuits to light on the bulb, spin the propeller and ring the bell. Play bubbles and hair-raising games with the fantastic static. Make the magic mud crawls toward the magnet on its own. Use fruits to create the real battery! Let's maximize our intelligence and imagination to change the world, like great Thomas Edison!

Day 3: Sounds Great
Today, we will explore secrets of SOUND! We will make an ear drum and watch the salt dance on top of it. We will observe the sound wave and how it travels within the water. We will research the relationship between the vibrations and pitch. Have FUN with making the instruments and playing them. We will even create a teleconference phone and make a group call! It really SOUNDs Great!

Program Details

Age Group 5 to 7 and 8 to 12
Program Duration 3 hours per day across 3 days

Jurong: 2 Jurong East Central 1, JCUBE, #04-02/03, S609731

Kovan: 2 Kovan Road, Simon Plaza, #01-07, S548008




Program Location Days & Dates Timing
Science Camp for Age 5 to 7 Jurong 19, 20 & 21 June 10am to 1pm
Science Camp for Age 8 to 12 Jurong

19, 20 & 21 June

10am to 1pm


Program Location Days & Dates Timing
Science Camp for Age 5 to 7 Kovan 19, 20 & 21 June 10am to 1pm
Science Camp for Age 8 to 12 Kovan

19, 20 & 21 June

10am to 1pm