Primary English Tuition

This course develops students’ writing, speaking, reading and listening skills.  Our aim is to enhance their innate interest in the subject through a variety of teaching strategies, such as the use of current affairs, dramas and journal writings.  This course will hone students’ writing techniques, question analysis, comprehension skills and oral communication skills through a series of well-structured lessons that focus on key examinable components.

Our curriculum is also specially developed to expose students beyond the stipulated mainstream curriculum, with a focus on the development of critical thinking skills and creativity. Through the use of global and current affairs, students are introduced to thought-provoking lessons that will enable them to think beyond the confines of the classroom. Coupled with our holiday workshops and 24/7 consultation service, True Learning provides numerous platforms to support student learning during class time and beyond.

We cover each component in detail, teaching the necessary skills and techniques.


  • Question analysis
  • Brainstorming for ideas
  • Structuring the essays


  • Passage and question analysis
  • Sourcing for answers
  • Answering techniques for accurate and precise presentation of answers


  • Grammar mastery
  • Sentence structure – basic and complex
  • Complete coverage of vocabulary list


  • Effective communication skills
  • Oral presentations and public speaking


"I want to express my gratitude to Mrs Teo for helping Josephine do well in her English subject' sometimes she become careless and complacent and the tutorial lesson in english help her a lot."

Maria Lourdes Genio

Parent of Josephine Sze, Xinmin Primary School

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Class Schedules

The schedules are constantly updated to remove classes that are full and to add in new classes, if any.

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