Myths to avoid when choosing a Singapore tuition centre

24 July 2019

Looking for a tuition centre for your child? Here are some myths that you should be aware and avoid.

Myth 1: Tuition centres that advertised impressive scores of their students are really good.

Some parents believe that Singapore tuition centres that advertise impressive scores are really good. They forget that these students make up only a small percentage of the student population and that these tuition centres may require their potential students to sit and pass an admission test before accepting them. Besides, some students from these tuition centres are from top Singapore schools and hence, are already performing well even before attending the classes in the tuition centres.

Myth 2: Tuition centres that offer “result guaranteed” programmes are really good.

Some Singapore tuition centres offer a full refund of tuition fees if students do not improve their performance by one or two grades. Such business tactics are usually employed by tuition centres in order to lure Singapore parents to sign up their children with them. Parents should be aware that such programmes may have a history of high success rate because their students were selected into the programmes based on some stringent criteria or admission tests.

Myth 3: Tuition centres with many outlets in Singapore are really good.

The quality of lessons received by your child depends on the quality of tutors and the quality of programmes offered. Tuition centres with many outlets may face the challenge of recruiting tutors to cope with the large number of classes. Some resort to recruiting untrained tutors or assigning trained tutors to teach a subject outside their subject specialisations.

Remember: Quantity does not imply quality.