Singapore Tuition Centre - Which to Choose From

04 August 2019

With the mid-year exam just over, you may be desperately looking for a tuition centre to give your child an extra edge. Before you rush to register your child with a Singapore tuition centre, here are some questions you can ask.

What are my child’s needs?

Tuition centres in Singapore have different niche areas. Some focus on high achievers, others on the average students, while others on the very weak ones. Choose the centre that best meets your child’s needs.

Who runs your tuition centre?

Some tuition centres are run by owners who are not teachers themselves and hence, do not know much about teaching. Others are francise and hence have little control on academic quality and tutors.

An ideal tuition centre is one that is run by leaders and professional experts from the teaching profession who are able to provide pedagogical leadership and support to their tutors. Check out the professional qualifications of the centre principals or directors to ensure that your child would be getting what you are paying for.

What are the qualifications of your tutors?

Some tuition centres make do with undergraduates or untrained tutors. Some hire NIE-trained teachers to teach subjects that are outside their specialisations, especially during peak seasons. Top-rate teachers are key to the success of every child as they not only possess the content knowledge but also the pedagogical skills to engage the hearts and minds and to shape your child through positive experiences. Before you register your child with a tuition centre, you should request to see documentary proofs of the teaching qualifications (e.g. NIE Post-Graduate Diploma in Education certificate) and experience of the tutor who will be teaching your child.

What is your class size?

One of the reasons why more and more Singapore parents are turning to tuition centres is because of the small tutor-to-students ratio. A small class size would mean that your child will be getting more individual attention and support from the tutor. Find out about the class size to ensure that your child will be receiving the amount of support that you are paying for.