I joined True Learning when I was in secondary 2 and the TLC has helped me gain my confidence in Math ever since. In secondary 1 and 2, I was regularly getting C5 and C6 for my term tests, and I simply could not catch up with the syllabus in school. Just a month before my EOY exams, I decided to join the TLC despite my distaste for tuition initially. However, my worries were cleared on the very first lesson, as Mr Max Tan explained all the concepts and helped me visualise how the equations worked into graphs. To my surprise, I actually managed to get an A1 for my EOY exams, and ever since, I have remained in TLC. Despite only having 2 hours weekly, the lessons here are certainly more engaging than those in school, and the practice questions provided help me understand the mathematical concepts faster as they are progressively harder. This is unlike those in schools, where the questions are either too repetitive or simply too difficult to be completed. After being with TLC for  6 years, I have attained my A for H2 Math in A levels with ease and confidence.

Hwa Chong Institution

My experience at True Learning Centre has been nothing short of fulfilling. I began my journey here in Secondary 2, and have stayed on all the way till undertaking the A level examinations. Mr Max Tan is a brilliant teacher- patient, kind and knowledgeable. Having thorough knowledge of the secondary and JC syllabus, he is highly proficient in guiding students in their journey of learning. The centre is well-equipped with resources to allow their students to reach their maximum potential. Mathematics has been transformed from a subject which I dread to one that is rewarding and something that I very much enjoy doing!

Lim ZQ
Nanyang Girls' High School & Hwa Chong Institution


My time spent at True Learning centre was truly a memorable one. When I first started off at junior college, I was weak in H2 mathematics. Furthermore due to my harsh co-curricular activity(water polo), I did not have much time to self study. Through the guidance of Max Tan, his trust and patience in me pushed me through my hardships and it has gotten me an A grade in H2 mathematics. I am truly grateful for his guidance. Thanks,

Anglo-Chinese Junior College


My experience at TLC was overall a very positive one due to the efforts of the teachers, who crafted notes and worksheets that concisely covered essential points of the syllabus, but who also gave due attention to sharing with us important exam techniques and efficient ways of working through mathematical solutions. Also, the teachers were approachable and always willing to help us with questions, which was invaluable for correcting any misconceptions and clarifying doubts. Thank you so much! :)

Lynn LH
Hwa Chong Institution


My experience at the True Learning Centre has really helped me strengthen my grasp on Mathematics. Through constant exposure to challenging and interesting questions, coupled with patient and careful guidance, Mr Tan's help has really helped me to excel.

Jurong Junior College

Hi Mr Tan, Just want to thank you for your guidance all these years! What I really enjoyed in your lessons is how you always have new and more efficient methods of solving instead of the conventional ones. The learning here is progressive where you ensure our basics and fundamentals are strong before moving on to the more advanced problems and techniques. I also like how you are always ready to help us when we need help or in doubt. All these years at True Learning has definitely benefited me and it was an enjoyable experience.

River Valley High School

When I joined Mr Max Tan's class at True Learning, I was constantly scoring S and U for every math exams/tests. Mr Tan's classes were in just the right pace and under his guidance and patience in teaching and guiding me through multitudes of different types of math questions, I was motivated and finally attained an A for A level mathematics. Thank you so much!

St Andrew's Junior College

My experience at the True Learning Centre has really helped me strengthen my grasp on Mathematics. Through constant exposure to challenging and interesting questions, coupled with patient and careful guidance, Mr Tan's help has really helped me to excel.

Teo YH
Hwa Chong Institution


True Learning helped improve my fluctuating math results to an eventual A during A levels, as the questions provided both checked my basics and challenged me sufficiently. Furthermore, Mr Tan was extremely patient with us and explained math concepts in simple terms to aid our understanding. Thank you True Learning!

Hwa Chong Institution


Kudos to Ms Daisy & Mr Gomez I would like to compliment on these two Great Teachers for their exemplary dedication and efforts in delivering their lessons exquisitely well. Kudos to them for their fine efforts' triumph! As I strongly believe in "Quality Teachers", instinctly, it helps a lot as they serve as mentors and inspirational figures. Invariably, they invigorate enthusiasm and motivation in me as through discovering more challenging questions posed. An exhilarating and fulfilling journey awaiting me, in the search of soaring greater heights in excelling both Mathematics and Science. This journey will definitely be carried through my Secondary levels and so forth... Thank you for their tremendous efforts! They have got that spirit that bring the best out of students. I clinched A* in both my Math & Science PSLE exam.

Horizon Primary School


I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Ms Doris Tan. She has taught my daughter since she was in P4 and P6. Not forgetting Ms Angeline Teo who taught my daughter in P5 too. They were very dedicated and committed tutors.

My daughter understood the Science lessons and she always looked forward to the lessons. She told me that Ms Tan taught her things beyond the textbooks. Even during her PSLE exam periods, Ms Tan gave her HP number to the class and the pupils could clarify with her during the revision periods.

I was grateful for her help and my daughter achieved a A* for her PSLE exam.

We are indeed very blessed to have Ms Doris Tan as our tutor and we would like to express our heartfelt thank again.

Mother of Allycia
CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity


Thank you for being such a kind and caring and patient teacher! Thank you for always trying to explain things in different ways until I understand what you’re teaching and for always coming over to check if I’m doing fine. Thank you for never giving up on us no matter what and for being such an awesome teacher.

Nanyang Girls’ High School


Thank you for teaching us Math ever so patiently and being such an awesome Math teacher! I have benefitted a lot from your lessons and thanks to you, I have passed my block test. Once again, thank you.

Tay WX
Nanyang Girls’ High School


Thank you for being such a great Math teacher! You make lessons fun and interesting and I have learnt lots from them! I’m glad to have joined your classes.

Nanyang Girls’ High School


Thank you for teaching me so much about Mathematics. I have benefitted from your lessons. You are a very good teacher and you made Math lessons more meaningful and interesting.

Pang JM
Nanyang Girls’ High School


Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! Your never-ending patience makes me look forward to your lessons every week. I wish that you can teach Math in my school.

CHIJ Our Lady Queen Of Peace


Thank you for helping me achieve better grades this term!

Greenridge Primary School


Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Princess Elizabeth Primary School


Thank you for teaching me Math this year. I really enjoyed your Emath lessons because I could understand them clearly and lessons were always well-organised. You have been such a caring and dedicated tutor who always tried to make Math engaging. I really appreciate it when you came to help me when I sought consultation from you. Math has been quite a challenge for me considering I have a weak foundation in Secondary 3. It has always been rather difficult and it took me a long while to grasp the concepts that were being taught. But I am thankful having you as my tutor and being so patient when you came to help me solve my problems which I felt were too basic at times. I know it isn’t easy teaching a student like me who isn’t so academically inclined in Math but I am genuinely grateful that you have so much faith in me for aceing my Emath ‘O’ levels. Rest assured I will work hard for this upcoming ‘O’ levels.

CHIJ ST. Theresa's Convent


Thank you for teaching me Science! My marks improved because of you. With your guidance and patience you taught me along the way since I was P3. I truly want to thank you for teaching me. Without you, my marks would not have improved. Thank you so much for everything.

Rulang Primary School


Thank you for always being so patient with the class. Thank you for always helping us with school stuff too.
River Valley High School

Thank you so much for helping me in maths!! I improved so much thanks to you!
Methodist Girls’ School

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher.
National Junior College

Thanks for all the help and I understand the topics for Math. Thanks!
Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

Thanks for helping me understand the topics in Math better and for helping me with questions that I do not know.
River Valley High School

Thank you for all the help! Without you I don’t think my Maths would improve so much!
Cedar Girls’ Secondary School


Thanks for being so patient and nice all this while. Though my Math is still very weak, I feel more secured after joining your class.
River Valley High School

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me in H2 Math. I would have failed continuously if not for your help. You are so much better than my lecturers in my school. Thanks so much.
River Valley High School


Thanks for being such a great teacher!!! Hope that your tuition centre will become the 1st in Singapore!!
Tan JW
River Valley High School

Thank you for being such a patient Math teacher.
River Valley High School


Thanks for being the BEST MATH TUTOR ever for the past 2 years and being so understanding all the time.

Tay WX
Hwa Chong Institution

Thanks so much for helping me improve my Math and never hesitating to explain and solve any Math problems I have! And thanks so much for always willing to repeat your explanation again and always asking us if the pace of the lesson is suitable!

Hwa Chong Institution


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