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My name is Max and I conduct one-to-one tuition in Mathematics both onsite and online.

I teach students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4, as well as those in the A-level.

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Strong Reputation

Over the years, I have built a strong reputation of putting my students first and helping them achieve exam excellence by moulding and shaping them to be confident and motivated learners. I adopt an active learning approach, where my students engage in critical thinking. I believe that a great teacher and increased student engagement and motivation are keys to the academic success of your child.

Effective and Result-oriented

With a wealth of teaching experience behind me, I teach and test the effectiveness of the curriculum every week to ensure that my students will continue to secure high scores in their examinations. The lesson plans are constantly refined to engage, enrich and empower my students.


I see the best in every student and appreciate their unique learning needs and aptitudes. I believe in what I do and always go the extra mile to help my students to improve, achieve and excel. I inspire them to approach challenges with confidence, passion and resilience.

24/7 Helpline

In my commitment to providing top-rated services, I extend beyond the lesson time to offer 24/7 academic assistance to my students, wherever they are. My students could engage my help in their school work by texting or sending images of their questions via Whatsapp.

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