About Us

Established in 2010 by Mr Max Tan and Miss Angeline Teo, True Learning aims to provide quality and holistic education to Primary, Secondary and JC students, with a focus on Mathematics education. We offer Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Integrated Programme (IP) Mathematics and H2 Mathematics coaching for the Secondary and JC level, and English, Mathematics and Science (EMS) subjects are also offered at the primary school level.

Boasting a qualified team of NIE-trained curriculum writers and tutors, we believe in empowering every child with our unique and engaging teaching methodology to enhance their confidence in learning and unleash their potential.

Our Vision

To be the first-choice learning institute of parents and students known for our creative, innovative and student-oriented educational services.

Our Mission

We are committed to give every child a top-rated learning experience which engages, enriches and empowers them to achieve excellence in school and in life.

Our Brand Values

Integrity – Transparency is prioritized in all dealings with parents, students and other external stakeholders.

Professionalism – As an academic establishment, the teachers stand as role models to students and hence stand stanchly by core values of professionalism, discipline, consistent work and reliability.

Empowerment – True Learning aims to provide active motivation to all students in their academic pursuit so they may stand determined and unfazed in the face of challenges.

Achievement – True Learning aims to transform students into proactive individuals so as to deliver measurable improvement and results.

Distinctiveness – Programmes are developed in-house by its elite team which possess a wealth of teaching experience. The differentiated programme value-adds to the students’ learning and expands their academic potential.