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Thank you for visiting my testimonial page.

I am grateful to parents and students who have shared their experiences with me, and I would like to thank them for believing in me.

It has been an honour and a privilege to partner you in your child’s learning journey.

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Hello Mr Tan,
Thank you so much for all your help and guidance throughout the past 2 years. You explained all the concepts so clearly, and the different worksheets really helped me to solidify my understanding. The mock papers that you gave also exposed me to a wide range of questions which allowed me to get greater confidence during the exams! Mr Tan has a strong emphasis on understanding rather than blindly memorising which was really helpful whenever I met unconventional questions. Thank you so much to Mr Tan and True Learning for allowing me to get my A in H2 Math! 

Chew Jing Wen (2021 J2)
 Dunman High School

Dear Mr Tan,
I'm very happy to share that I got an A for Mathematics in my A Levels. I could only dream of such a result and I definitely did not imagine I would be able to achieve this at first. However under your guidance and support I slowly understood and mastered the concepts and heuristics for the Math paper and became more and more confident. Although the A Levels is not the end, I have still learnt a lot and believe I can do better for Math now. Thanks again for your help and I wish TLC the best. 

Chen Hong Yi (2021 J2)
 River Valley High School

Starting off with a very weak foundation in H2 Math, I decided to join Mr Tan's class after failing test after test in J1. Mr Tan is very approachable in class and would clear our doubts individually, giving us individual feedback. He patiently guides us through the thinking process of how to solve questions of the same type rather than spoonfeed answers to us, which has helped me greatly in my learning, allowing me to understand the reason for every step that I write down.
The wide variety of tutorials given to us - ranging from topical to mock papers - has also given me a lot of chance to constantly review my weaker topics and make sure I am not out of touch with the topics taught earlier in the year, and this has allowed me to see my grades jump significantly through J2. Mr Tan's teaching is concise yet effective and he has helped me build up a lot of confidence in solving Math questions as compared to the first day that I entered his class. I would like to thank him for never giving up on me. Thank you Mr Tan!
Thank you Ms Jenny, Mr Tan and the True Learning Centre Team! I am happy with my results and I hope that the future batches will continue to bring you good results!

Ryan Soh (2020 JC 2)
 Dunman High School

I would like to thank TLC and Mr Tan for helping my math grades to improve so tremendously! In both JC1 and JC2, I have never gotten above an S (subpass) grade on any math examination in school and almost gave up the subject wholly. But, after the lessons by Mr Tan which greatly improved my fundamentals, I finally understood concepts instead of just memorizing them, and got an A grade for A levels! Thank you Mr Tan and TLC!

Yeo Ke Jun (2020 JC 2)
 Anderson Serangoon Junior College

With Mr Max's patience and guidance, along with his friendly attitude, I was able to enjoy learning. I give my thanks to Mr Max as he is able to teach in a simple and concise manner with tips. With these tips, I found myself doing questions more accurately and efficiently.

Justin Wong (2019 JC 1 to 2020 JC 2)
 Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Hi, Mr. Tan just wanted to say thanks again for the past 2 years.
I feel that TLC has played a significant role in helping me achieve A in H2 maths. During lesson time ample practices are given for each topic which prepared me greatly to face examinations/tests in school. The questions cover a wide range of question types which really broaden my exposure to each topic and help me better understand the core concepts and methods of each topic. Furthermore, the mock exam papers also helped to point out my weaknesses and areas for improvement. The small classroom size also serves to allow Mr. Tan to help each student individually and explain questions more efficiently. It also provides opportunity for me to learn from my friends mistakes and questions. Lastly, I believe Mr. Tan is a very qualified teacher as he manages to answer all our doubts quickly and confidently. He also explains concepts in a clear concise manner allowing us to grasp the concept fully.

Darren Lim
Eunoia Junior College (2018 JC 1 to 2019 JC 2)

Dear Mr Max & True Learning Centre
We would like to show our appreciation for guiding our son, Derrick Lim, on his A-Math over the last 2 years. With the True Learning guidance and unique method, my son has achieved distinction in his O level - A Math. Here again, we would like to thank you True Learning Centre and special thanks to Mr Max. We highly recommend students who need help in improving their grade to approach True Learning Centre.
Soso Wei

Derrick Lim
Fuhua Secondary School (2018 Sec 3 to 2019 Sec 4)

"True Learning provided me with many opportunities to practise topics taught during lesson time while constantly enhancing my mathematical thinking, and reinforcing the concepts that were taught in school. As the saying goes, 'practise makes perfect', although perfection is difficult to achieve but the lessons at True Learning did assist me on my journey to achieving the best I could in the 'O' levels mathematics examination."

Sean Tan
Nan Chiau High School (2017 Sec 2 to 2019 Sec 4)

When I joined TLC in mid J1, I was having difficulty with Mathematics. However, with Mr Tan's clear explanation and concise notes, I was able to grasp the concepts and apply them immediately by doing the questions given. Whenever I had any problems, Mr Tan will explain and clear my doubts patiently. My math results have improved significantly under Mr Tan's guidance. Thank you Mr Tan.
"I would like to thank Mr Liu for the trust and confidence in partnering with us for Qingyi's and Qingyu's learning journey. It has been a pleasure to teach both your children.

Liu Qingyi
Victoria Junior College (2017 JC1 to 2018 JC2)

My learning experience at TLC for the past 2 years has been a great and memorable one. Mr Tan is an extremely patient and friendly teacher who takes his time to make sure his sutdents understand every single maths concept he teaches. He also goes out of his way to help his students by helping them solve questions outside of his class time. Rather than feeding his students with answers he pushes his students to understand and learn each concept by giving them hints to think so that they'll remember how to solve the question. Thanks to Mr Tan remarkable teaching skills I've gained an interest and love for mathematics.

Jermayne Lim
Jurong Junior College (2017 JC1 to 2018 JC2)

Taking lessons since Secondary One has given me a strong foundation that has helped me excel in the subject. Mr Max Tan is approachable and knowledgeable in the subject with concise notes given, making revision efficient. The learning environment is comfortable and has helped me enjoy the learning process. It has been a good 6 years with TLC!
"I would like to thank Mrs Kew for the trust and confidence in partnering with us for her daughter's learning journey. It has been a delight to watch Shanne grow from a little girl to a wonderful, thoughtful and caring young lady today!"

Shanne Kew
National Junior College (2013 Sec 1 to 2018 JC 2)

Mr Tan is a dedicated and passionate teacher who always tries to bring out the best in his students. During lessons, he attends to each question from each student individually, providing an effective means of teaching that is hard to come by. Since joining the tuition centre in Secondary 1, Mr Tan has helped me to discover my love for Mathematics and provided support for the various obstacles faced along the way. He is always available outside of lessons to answer questions posed, for which I am extremely grateful. From Ian Chng.
Studying at True Learning Centre for the past 4 years has been a very fruitful experience for me. The patient and experienced teachers there took time and effort to explain to me concepts that I did not understand and helped me to strengthen my mathematics foundation. My Math results have since improved tremendously from B3s in lower secondary to A1s in upper secondary. Thanks TLC! From Zern Chng.
"I would like to thank Mr Chng and Mrs Chng for believing in our brand. Thank you for the joy that your children bring to every lesson!"

Ian Chng (2013 Sec 1 to 2018 JC 2)
Hwa Chong Institution
Zern Chng (2015 Sec 1 to 2019 JC 1) 
Hwa Chong Institution

We joined True Learning Centre last year when we were struggling with Mathematics. Comprehensive notes and useful holiday classes were given, which helped us better understand the concepts that we were unable to grasp in school. Most importantly, Mr Max Tan is very patient, allowing us to clarify any doubts during lessons without qualms. We are glad to have joined True Learning!
"I am thankful to Mrs Lim for believing in me. It has been a pleasure to teach Cheryl and Acton who are humble and respectful students."

Cheryl Lim (2017 JC 1 to 2018 JC 2)
National Junior College
Acton Lim (2017 Sec 2 to 2019 Sec 4) 
ACS (Independent)

We have benefiited from lessons at TLC as through the clarity of explanations and multiple exercises, it has allowed us to become more exposed to the various types of questions and allow us to practice widely.
"I would like to thank Mrs Phan for her support, her confidence and her belief in me. Watching both Valerie and Nicholas grow up to become responsible and caring teenagers have been our greatest joy!"

Valerie Phan (2014 Sec 2 to 2018 JC 2)
River Valley High School
Nicholas Phan (2016 Sec 1 to 2019 Sec 4)
Yuan Ching Secondary School

Mr Max Tan has been a really great help the past 3 years. He is qualified and professional and can help answer any questions I have. He provides many practices which is more than enough to help anyone to improve. With the right attitude and help from him, my Amath grade has improved drastically. Thank you!
"I would like to thank Mrs Lim for placing her trust and confidence in me by enrolling her two sons, Darren and Derrick."

Darren Lim
Fuhua Secondary School (2016 Sec 3 to 2017 Sec 4)
Eunoia Junior College (2018 JC 1 to 2019 JC 2)

Learning with Mr Max Tan has been very enjoyable for me. Through the patient teaching from the tutors in TLC, I've been able to grasp a strong understanding of the various mathematical concepts to allow me to score well in my exams!
Please accept my most sincere appreciation to the dedicated guidance by Mr Max Tan rendered to Jared all these years. His excellent performance in the subject is made possible by him! I look forward to continued success as he carries on his tutelage with Mr Tan over the next 2 years in preparation of his A level.
Regards Mrs Chua
"I would like to thank Mrs Chua for the opportunity to teach both her sons, Jeremy and Jared. Thank you for believing in me! Thank you for the joy that your children bring to the lessons!"

Jared Chua (2015 Sec 1 to 2019 JC 1)
Hwa Chong Institution

I can't exactly remember when I started math lessons under Mr Max Tan (maybe 2014 or 2013) but it's crazy how time flies so fast and in 2 months I have to take my A levels. Thank you so much for your guidance throughout all these years and always forcing me to think hard till I get the answers! :)
"I would like to thank Mrs Low for believing in me and allowing Jean to grow under my tutelage. I will miss her dearly."

Jean Low (2013 Sec 1 to 2018 JC 2)
River Valley High School

My year at True Learning Centre has helped me greatly for Mathematics, boosting my grade from an E in my Promos to an A in the A Levels. Mr Tan is a passionate teacher who helped me understand Matheamatics concepts through interesting and effective ways, as well as being available for help outside of lessons. He always took the time and effort to explain anything that I didn't understand, and I would recommend anyone who is struggling with Math to seek Mr Tan's help. Thank you for all your help!

Alexander Ho
Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2018 JC 2)

True Learning Centre's JC math lessons were extremely useful in my preparation for my H2 Mathematics papers for the GCE A-Level Cambridge Examinations. Mr Tan is very well-versed with the JC curriculum and syllabus, which is complemented with his many years of teaching experiences. His lessons are well-structured, planned and detailed, as it encompasses the various types of questions and skills required for each topics. Mr Tan is also very patient with us and would gladly answer any of our queries. The drill during the few months of preparation leading up to A Levels were helpful. All of these have been excellent in equipping his students to be well prepared to perform well at the GCE A-Level Examinations. Thank you Mr Tan for his guidance these years.

Rachel Ong
Singapore Chinese Girls' School (2016 Sec 4)
Eunoia Junior College (2017 JC 1 to 2018 JC 2)

Classes at TLC have been extremely useful in helping me grasp mathematics as a subject. Not only were we exposed to many question types, we were provided with many topical worksheets that drilled us, and mock papers to simulate examination settings. Mr Tan is an extremely effective teacher who explains maths in a concise yet easy-to-understand manner. He is extremely patient when clearing our doubts and even answers questions over text outside of lesson time. Overall I felt that TLC has definitely contributed to my performance in math, and I managed to get an A for my A levels eventually. Thank you Mr Tan!

Wang Yi Qin (2018 JC 2)
National Junior College

Thanks Max. Feedback from Dylan is that class size is ideal for him. He could understand your teaching, which is obvious from his improved grade B (grade E in mid-year). He did shared that CJC curriculum differs from the rest though but I guess he was alright with how things progressed. He resisted tuition initially and now he looks forward to tuition. This is really a pleasant surprise and we really appreciate you n the centre. The family will be away in Dec, hence he will miss the scheduled class in Dec and he's disappointed! We hope Dylan will continue to excel under your guidance. Thank you once again.

Parent of Dylan Ser's Mum (2018 JC 1 - 2019 JC 2)
Catholic Junior College

Hi Max, Just want to thank you for your guidance and coaching to Charlton. He had scored well for his first Maths test. (An A and in the 91 percentile). Thank you once again

Charlton Tan's Mum (2015 Sec 2 to 2018 JC 1)
Hwa Chong Institution

I have been a student at TLC since Secondary 1, when I failed my math test with an F9 grade. However, Mr Tan managed to turn that grade around, providing effective lessons. Lessons were ahead of school such that we would have prior knowledge, facilitating learning, and revisions were held afterwards, allowing us to review what we have learnt. Through this effective learning method, my grades have improved greatly, scoring contant As for Math, including H2 Math in A levels. Lessons were interesting and Mr Tan taught them very well, in unique ways that made remembering tedious formulas easy, as well as providing sufficient practice for smooth learning.

Marcus Tan
Hwa Chong Institution

I joined TLC in the beginning of secondary school in the hopes of pulling up my poor math grades. I found the lessons concise and informative, refreshing the content that was already taught in school. The practice after each lecture component was targeted and comprehensive. The difficulty of the questions increased progressively over the practice sheet. This allowed me to become more familiar with common questions, and introduced me to more challenging ones. Juggling school, CCA and other commitments made going for math tuition a chore. I admit that I was not an enthusiastic student in the least. Nevertheless, my teachers continued to teach me tirelessly. They always tried their best to engage everyone in class. They were always ready to help clarify my doubts, breaking down concepts until I could fully understand them, no matter how long it took. As such, my math grades in secondary school improved dramatically. In JC, math became even more challenging for me. However, the extra practices and helpful tips leading up to the final A level exam went a long way in helping me to secure the best grade I could possibly hope for. All this would not have been possible without the support and guidance of my tutor Mr Tan.

Lee Jie Yi
Raffles Institution

When I first joined TLC in secondary 3, mathematics was truly a challenge for me. However, with the well-structured lessons and the help of the tutors at TLC, mathematics became a more enjoyable and clearer subject! Lessons at TLC synthesised the key concepts of each chapter and exposed me to a wide range of questions. They allowed me to both grasp the concepts more clearly and ensured that I know how to apply these concepts to different question types through constant practice. Moreover, the tutors at TLC were also greatly dedicated and patient, taking time to answer our questions both during and out of lesson hours! To sum it all up, I am truly thankful to all at TLC who have helped me slowly overcome the subject over the past 4 years.

Yip Yuxin
Anderson Junior College

Mr Tan is an excellent tuition teacher that is able to expound on key concepts in the H2 maths syllabus in a succinct and precise manner. His classes are very fruitful and well paced. Queries can be clarified at any point of time during class time and Mr Tan is always more than happy to answer them! Mr Tan always ensures that concepts are well taught and would give us challenging questions and papers to expose us to different types of questions to test our understandings of the various Maths topics. With a dynamic and interactive teaching style, and a comprehensive selection of maths excercises, I would recommend anyone who is struggling with maths to go for Mr Tan's tuition!

Jose Tan
Catholic Junior College

Mr Tan is an extremely sincere teacher who has played an integral role in helping me improve my understanding of math, which then translated into my grades. He also cares for the well-being of the students and often strikes up conversation before or after lessons. I have always struggled in math but I managed to better grasp many of the concepts as Mr Tan provides very clear and digestible PowerPoint notes which allow for easier understanding and application of the concepts. Thank you Mr Tan for all your help thus far!

Samantha Lim
Hwa Chong Institution

True Learning Centre is an excellent institution that has both caring and capable tutors. Mr Tan is able to break down any mathematical concept and explain it in a more simple and concise manner. Thank you Mr Tan for my A in H2 Math

Bernice Chiew
Serangoon Junior College

I have been in Mr Tan's class for 2 years and under his unwavering guidance, I managed to attain excellent results for both my Prelim and 'A' Level examinations. Learning at TLC has solidfied my concepts for all the chapters in the H2 Mathematics syllabus, as all queries are always answered every lesson that I attend at TLC in a moment's time. Hence, I am thankful to be able to do my exams with both confidence and speed, as the help given to me in Mr Tan's class greatly helped me to be able to achieve this feat, and has also allowed me to become more passionate in the field of Mathematics on top of the good results attained.

Chng Lip Kuang
Hwa Chong Institution

Doing practices after going through some key concepts for each topic facilitated my learning, as it allowed me to consolidate my knowledge and immediately address any gaps in understanding. I found the topical and 'common mistakes' notes particularly useful during revision. Mr Tan, your patience and the way you explain concepts contributed to my learning as well. Thank you! :)

Seah Yi Shan
Hwa Chong Institution

I joined True Learning when I was in secondary 2 and the TLC has helped me gain my confidence in Math ever since. In secondary 1 and 2, I was regularly getting C5 and C6 for my term tests, and I simply could not catch up with the syllabus in school. Just a month before my EOY exams, I decided to join the TLC despite my distaste for tuition initially. However, my worries were cleared on the very first lesson, as Mr Max Tan explained all the concepts and helped me visualise how the equations worked into graphs. To my surprise, I actually managed to get an A1 for my EOY exams, and ever since, I have remained in TLC. Despite only having 2 hours weekly, the lessons here are certainly more engaging than those in school, and the practice questions provided help me understand the mathematical concepts faster as they are progressively harder. This is unlike those in schools, where the questions are either too repetitive or simply too difficult to be completed. After being with TLC for  6 years, I have attained my A for H2 Math in A levels with ease and confidence.

Ng Jun Ming
Hwa Chong Institution

My experience at True Learning Centre has been nothing short of fulfilling. I began my journey here in Secondary 2, and have stayed on all the way till undertaking the A level examinations. Mr Max Tan is a brilliant teacher- patient, kind and knowledgeable. Having thorough knowledge of the secondary and JC syllabus, he is highly proficient in guiding students in their journey of learning. The centre is well-equipped with resources to allow their students to reach their maximum potential. Mathematics has been transformed from a subject which I dread to one that is rewarding and something that I very much enjoy doing!

Lim Zhi Qi
Nanyang Girls' High School & Hwa Chong Institution


My time spent at True Learning centre was truly a memorable one. When I first started off at junior college, I was weak in H2 mathematics. Furthermore due to my harsh co-curricular activity(water polo), I did not have much time to self study. Through the guidance of Max Tan, his trust and patience in me pushed me through my hardships and it has gotten me an A grade in H2 mathematics. I am truly grateful for his guidance. Thanks,

Evan Soh
Anglo-Chinese Junior College


My experience at TLC was overall a very positive one due to the efforts of the teachers, who crafted notes and worksheets that concisely covered essential points of the syllabus, but who also gave due attention to sharing with us important exam techniques and efficient ways of working through mathematical solutions. Also, the teachers were approachable and always willing to help us with questions, which was invaluable for correcting any misconceptions and clarifying doubts. Thank you so much! :)

Lynn Lynelle Ho
Hwa Chong Institution


My experience at the True Learning Centre has really helped me strengthen my grasp on Mathematics. Through constant exposure to challenging and interesting questions, coupled with patient and careful guidance, Mr Tan's help has really helped me to excel.

Stephen Tan
Jurong Junior College


Hi Mr Tan, Just want to thank you for your guidance all these years! What I really enjoyed in your lessons is how you always have new and more efficient methods of solving instead of the conventional ones. The learning here is progressive where you ensure our basics and fundamentals are strong before moving on to the more advanced problems and techniques. I also like how you are always ready to help us when we need help or in doubt. All these years at True Learning has definitely benefited me and it was an enjoyable experience.

Leonard Lau
River Valley High School


When I joined Mr Max Tan's class at True Learning, I was constantly scoring S and U for every math exams/tests. Mr Tan's classes were in just the right pace and under his guidance and patience in teaching and guiding me through multitudes of different types of math questions, I was motivated and finally attained an A for A level mathematics. Thank you so much!

Megan Lee
St Andrew's Junior College


My experience at the True Learning Centre has really helped me strengthen my grasp on Mathematics. Through constant exposure to challenging and interesting questions, coupled with patient and careful guidance, Mr Tan's help has really helped me to excel.

Teo Yao Hao
Hwa Chong Institution


True Learning helped improve my fluctuating math results to an eventual A during A levels, as the questions provided both checked my basics and challenged me sufficiently. Furthermore, Mr Tan was extremely patient with us and explained math concepts in simple terms to aid our understanding. Thank you True Learning!

Valerie Yeo
Hwa Chong Institution

Thank you for being such a kind and caring and patient teacher! Thank you for always trying to explain things in different ways until I understand what you’re teaching and for always coming over to check if I’m doing fine. Thank you for never giving up on us no matter what and for being such an awesome teacher.

Nanyang Girls’ High School


Thank you for teaching us Math ever so patiently and being such an awesome Math teacher! I have benefitted a lot from your lessons and thanks to you, I have passed my block test. Once again, thank you.

Tay Wan Xin
Nanyang Girls’ High School


Thank you for being such a great Math teacher! You make lessons fun and interesting and I have learnt lots from them! I’m glad to have joined your classes.

Nanyang Girls’ High School


Thank you for teaching me so much about Mathematics. I have benefitted from your lessons. You are a very good teacher and you made Math lessons more meaningful and interesting.

Pang JM
Nanyang Girls’ High School

Thank you for teaching me Math this year. I really enjoyed your Emath lessons because I could understand them clearly and lessons were always well-organised. You have been such a caring and dedicated tutor who always tried to make Math engaging. I really appreciate it when you came to help me when I sought consultation from you. Math has been quite a challenge for me considering I have a weak foundation in Secondary 3. It has always been rather difficult and it took me a long while to grasp the concepts that were being taught. But I am thankful having you as my tutor and being so patient when you came to help me solve my problems which I felt were too basic at times. I know it isn’t easy teaching a student like me who isn’t so academically inclined in Math but I am genuinely grateful that you have so much faith in me for aceing my Emath ‘O’ levels. Rest assured I will work hard for this upcoming ‘O’ levels.

CHIJ ST. Theresa's Convent


Thank you for always being so patient with the class. Thank you for always helping us with school stuff too.
River Valley High School

Thank you so much for helping me in maths!! I improved so much thanks to you!
Methodist Girls’ School

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher.
National Junior College

Thanks for all the help and I understand the topics for Math. Thanks!
Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

Thanks for helping me understand the topics in Math better and for helping me with questions that I do not know.
River Valley High School

Thank you for all the help! Without you I don’t think my Maths would improve so much!
Cedar Girls’ Secondary School


Thanks for being so patient and nice all this while. Though my Math is still very weak, I feel more secured after joining your class.
River Valley High School

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me in H2 Math. I would have failed continuously if not for your help. You are so much better than my lecturers in my school. Thanks so much.
River Valley High School


Thanks for being such a great teacher!!! Hope that your tuition centre will become the 1st in Singapore!!
Tan JW
River Valley High School

Thank you for being such a patient Math teacher.
River Valley High School


Thanks for being the BEST MATH TUTOR ever for the past 2 years and being so understanding all the time.

Tay Wan Xin
Hwa Chong Institution

Thanks so much for helping me improve my Math and never hesitating to explain and solve any Math problems I have! And thanks so much for always willing to repeat your explanation again and always asking us if the pace of the lesson is suitable!

Clara Chong
Hwa Chong Institution