IP Mathematics Tuition

Our IP Mathematics programme aims to equip students with the knowledge of key mathematical concepts, with a focus on understanding and applications. Designed and taught personally by Mr Max Tan, these carefully crafted lesson plans and materials follow closely to the schools’ scheme of work. Students learn to make parallel connections across topics and undergo rigorous practice to familiarise themselves with the different types of questions. Coupled with the 24/7 consultation service, Mr Max Tan provides numerous platforms to support student learning during class time and beyond.

Each topic is covered in detail, using the following teaching tools.

NOTES & EXAMPLES – for understanding of concepts and applications

BASIC QUESTIONS – to ensure full understanding of fundamental concepts

CHALLENGING QUESTIONS – to expose students to higher order thinking and unfamiliar questions

TOPICAL TESTS – for assessment of learning

MOCK EXAMS – for exam readiness


"Thank you for being such a great Math teacher! You make lessons fun and interesting and I have learnt lots from them! I’m glad to have joined your classes."

Andrea, Nanyang Girls' High School

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